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Susan Hitchler

Amos 5:24

Susan is a retired professional speaker and corporate consultant.  She was a member of National Speakers Association. Susan earned NSA's Certified Speaking Professional - the CSP. Only 5% of the 3,000 speakers had earned that designation. Susan is a first time author. She always wanted to write a book but she never found a compelling reason to write one - that is, until she was charged with a crime when, according to the Wisconsin State Statutes, there was never a crime committed. 

The Waukesha County, Wisconsin Prosecutor who charged her with a crime, lost the first time so she charged her again. Something was very wrong with all of this. Consequently, Susan started researching prosecutor misconduct - the use and abuse of an innocent person for the prosecutor's own personal, professional, and/or political agenda. She was shocked at what she discovered.

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