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Susan Hitchler Author, Speaker, and...

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.... blessed to have the joy and privilege of becoming a grandmother even though she didn't have children of her own.  How?  Susan married their father's fathers (3 stepsons;)

Susan has bachelor's and master's degrees in social work and psychology from the University of Wisconsin. 

She was employed for 10 years by the State Dept. of Health and Social Services placing "special needs" children for adoption. It was there she realized that she loved speaking to groups.

Her interest and studies in areas of interest to business led her to start a business in professional speaking in the areas of managing stress, time and in creativity and rapport skills.

Speaking led to some long-term consultations. Her speaking and consulting was 95% repeat and referral. Susan was in the 5% of Speakers who earned the Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association. She retired in early 2000. In 2014 she was charged twice with a crime when the law clearly stated that a crime was never committed. That led her into researching what the Center for Prosecutor Integrity calls an epidemic - Prosecutor Misconduct. Since then she has spoken to groups about her experience and its implication to all of us.

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