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I Attended a Live Event on Facebook

From the description of the event, I think it is safe to assume that those who attended

( about 60+) were interested in what the description of the program advertised.


The panel of four experts discussed the COVID 19 and the criminal justice role in it.

Below is a letter I wrote to the three groups that sponsored the event and the four experts on the panel. The letter was included with a package containing my book.

In the letter, I included the comments from the only people who commented the entire time

( for the 2 other people, I included their first initial only). Yours truly asked the question that brought in the other 2 people. The panel briefly answered my question by, basically, assuring us that their was a procedure for prosecutor accountable.


What could do? - I had to send the book ;) Every little step to tell truth based on reality to as many people as I can is the mission.


From your live event on Facebook 4/23/202 - your description of the event and comments:

At each level of government, prosecutors play a key role in preserving justice and ensuring the safety of our communities. With the significant power entrusted to our prosecutors comes an equally significant responsibility and level of accountability to the sovereign rights and liberties assigned by the Constitution. *

Join Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, York County, Pennsylvania District Attorney David Sunday, Jr., and former acting United States Attorney General Matthew Whitaker in a conversation moderated by former U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman, as they discuss the role of prosecutors in the justice system, and the conservative view of criminal.

M · 11:21 I’m so excited working on a case 14th amendment denied

Susan Hitchler · 5:40 looking forward also – I wrote a book on abusive prosecutors. I experienced it!

Susan Hitchler · 41:33 Center for Prosecutor Integrity calls prosecutor misconduct an epidemic - will you be covering this? Prosecutors have absolute immunity from anything they do and they are rarely to never held accountable. Prosecutors are the most powerful players in the criminal justice system

I · 1:04:01 The immunity of prosecutors and courts need to be revisited. Of course this panel would not be in favor of this. Just like prosecutors, judges, and victims should be in these discussions, so to there be representation from people who have been prosecuted.

I · 1:09:10 Mease was right in congratulating prosecutors when they concluded cases without getting a conviction at all cost.

I · 29:16 I lost trust in the prosecutorial process but not in America and the right on crime project gives a little hope.

M 23:42 How do you get a judge to look at a case when the 14th amendment was not exercised?

Susan Hitchler · 1:04:01 yup Ted Stevens is one of many. There are so many of TICs - Totally Insignificant Citizens that have endured loss of reputation, finances, jobs, health. I researched this for 5 years after my experience. I was shocked at what I found. Ethics! - "my" prosecutor violated ABA and WI Supreme Court ethics rules, violated my constitutional rights, violated due process, violated the rule of law, totally ignored the law as written, The DA signed off on all of it. The DA became our Attorney General. First - they must be held accountable!!! All of this is far widespread than I would have ever dreamed. Read 20 + books on the subject as well. I shall send you my book. You will read about all that I tried to get accountability. If you are not surprised when you read my Chapter on Turning Legal Logic into an Oxymoron, I would be surprised.

M I’m currently looking into case where a man was accused of killing a pedophile and the prosecutor had people on the stand that lied and the prosecutor 6 years later was found guilty as a sexual predators

Susan Hitchler wow! With 5 years of research into prosecutor misconduct - abusive prosecutors this is a first. Yet, I am not surprised. Putting people on the stand who will lie happens more than I ever believed. Far too many prosecutors have reasons other than the truth to issuing criminal charges and getting a conviction. it is either for their own personal, professional, and/or political agendas. In my case, the prosecutor got a promotion either because of, or in spite, of the ethical, Constitutional (4th,5th, and 14th amendment), due process, rule of law violations. She also ignored the law as written. And, the judge who dismissed the 2nd criminal charge commented that if she wanted to make law that was the job of the legislature

As you can see from these comments from the people most active in this discussion, the concern was not for issues surrounding the Coronavirus. The concern was for what the description of the event promised.

We have a justice system primarily run by prosecutors who have absolute immunity and are too frequently not promoting justice.

*Significant responsibility? Prosecutor have virtually no accountability for violating the sovereign rights and liberties assigned by the Constitution for the citizens of our country.

Please take the time to read my book. And remember, I am but one small voice in the outcry for dealing with an ever-growing number of prosecutors who abuse their power; prosecutors who are causing serious harm to untold numbers of innocent people.

Susan Hitchler

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