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The Continuing Story of America's Abusive Prosecutors

Hey Dad...Is Grandma A Criminal? Followup Newsletter

Dear Subscribers I am finally getting around to writing and sending out the first newsletter. I’m a one woman show with a Great Advisor. But these hands are the secretary, author, marketer, OEO (Only Executive Officer), janitor (office and home), stock handler, book sender outer, granny, and other all other duties deemed necessary. Right now, the entire issue of abusive prosecutors is hot. I had several people who have read the book say something like this: What happened to you is what happened to President Trump : -Constitutional violations -No due process  -Rule of law ignored  -No probable cause  -No crime  These people, who were the first to read the book, read how an “average” person:   -Had Constitutional rights violated -Was refused due process -Had ridiculous allegations put forth as probable cause to issue 2 criminal charges -How the law, written by the legislative branch of our government was completely ignored by the judicial branch of our government -There was not a crime Actually, that is part of a letter that I sent along with the book and personal messages to several radio talk show hosts (I will be doing a search to find more of them around the country), and several Fox news show show hosts. (more of those will be going out in the next weeks). Here is the rest of that letter: Prosecutors using and abusing fellow citizens for their own personal, professional, and/or political reasons doesn’t just happen at the Federal Department of Justice .It doesn’t just happen to VIPs, the well-known, or the highly visible. It happened to me. This book is my story. I’m just a lil’ol’ granny from “fly-over country”. People like me simply don’t believe anything like that could ever happen to them. Sidney Powell and Harvey A. Silverglate are correct. In their new book, Conviction Machine, “The first step is making people aware and informed of the issues that create the problem”. I sincerely think that “we the people’ need to have our voices heard before there will be enough pressure to legislate changes and have actual enforcement of consequences for prosecutors who use and abuse innocent people for their own personal, professional, and/or political agendas. I wrote Hey Dad…Is Grandma A Criminal?  to wake up people like me who would never dream they could be used by a prosecutor for that prosecutor’s own reasons. The “average” American would probably not purchase and read any of the books (such as the ones in my Bibliography) that would alert them to the tyrannical power of the American prosecutor. TV hosts and Radio talk show hosts feature “newsworthy” guests when the issue of abuse and misconduct by prosecutors is part of their program. My request is that you present and discuss the fact that what happens to the highly visible also happens to us TICs (Totally Insignificant Citizens).  -How many other people like me are there? -How many blackmailed and threatened “invisible” people admitted to a crime when they were innocent? -How many prosecutors fulfilled their own purposes by using their fellow citizen?- How much of our taxes are wasted on cases that should never have come to court in the first place? I tried to obtain justice for an injustice and failed (see Chapter 13). Prosecutors have absolute legal immunity from anything they do. No one will hold them accountable for abusive prosecutorial conduct. I’ve given away over 100 copies of the book not only to spread the word but to get reactions from people who were not aware of, what the Center for Prosecutor Integrity calls, the epidemic of prosecutor misconduct. I think my book will give you an idea of what an “average” person, totally naive about the criminal justice system, experiences at the hands of a prosecutor with an agenda other than the law. Anything that you can do to spread the word that anyone can be the target; the victim of a prosecutor with a personal, professional, and/or political agenda would be welcome by this “average” American granny !In fact, someone said that helping a grandmother fight injustice will get you an extra special blessing! (Ok…I said it – but I do have some back-up. 😉)* *But it will go well with those who convict the guilty, and rich blessing will come on them. (Proverbs 24:25)* God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied. (Matthew 5:6) I am always open to any advice, marketing ideas, groups who would like a speaker on prosecutor misconduct or anything else you deem helpful. God Bless! Susan


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